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Yoga at Home

Free meditations and visualisations

Welcome friend.  Here you will find a range of meditations and visualisations which can support your inner journey as an entrepreneur. We know that being in business is more than strategy so this is for you to dip and out of as and when you need the support. 

If you have any questions or would like to see something specific, please let us know in the Facebook group or email Kate at

Kate x

Abundance meditationKate Carter
00:00 / 08:03

Abundance Meditation

This is a great meditation to do when you're starting something new and doubts are popping up. It will help you to get excited about the possibilities. 

Feeling good enough

This is a great meditation to listen to when you're feeling low or you're finding yourself comparing yourself to others and finding yourself lacking. 

Feeling good enough meditationKate Carter
00:00 / 08:21

Live meditation class

If you're new to meditation then this is a great class to start with - it talks through the basics and allows you to navigate through meditation in your own way. 

Healing meditation

This is a meditation healing session. If you're feeling burnt out or overwhelmed then this video will help. 

Money Mindset meditation

We can often find ourselves worrying about money especially when we have our own business. This meditation will help you to create safety and security around money. 

Money mindset meditationKate Carter
00:00 / 07:19
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