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Kate Carter Mindset Coach and Business Mentor

Kate Carter Coaching
Anxiety & Wellbeing

Navigate and heal from  anxiety and overwhelm using thought work, embodiment work and somatic practices. 

Coaching with a fully qualified and certified coach and NLP practitioner

If the weight of anxiety shadows your every step, if you're being told you're too sensitive, if phobias confine you, or if the daily grind leaves you overwhelmed, it's time for a profound shift. Imagine a life where:

  • Anxiety no longer dictates your decisions, allowing you to navigate each day with newfound ease.

  • Phobias lose their grip, opening doors to experiences once out of reach.

  • Overwhelming stress transforms into manageable challenges, fostering a sense of control in your day-to-day life.

As a coach, I offer a unique approach blending NLP, positive psychology, and coaching to guide you through the intricate landscape of your inner world so you can live a life with more purpose and joy. 

If traditional therapy left you wanting more, my future-focused method is here to help you truly shift:


  • Shift from past to future, unlocking solutions and newfound feelings

  • Don't just cope—thrive with a fresh perspective on what's important to you

  • Rediscover purpose, envisioning a life where each day holds meaning and fulfilment.

Your journey to a revitalised life begins here, where each step leads you to a brighter, purposeful future! ✨

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Client love

I chose to work with Kate as I really felt heard and understood on our initial call. I love how she held the space for me without judgement and knowing her knowledge in NLP would be really beneficial for me. 

I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my group programme launch and knew I needed to be able to voice my ideas/process with someone who would help me gain more clarity in the programme I was putting out. It was so helpful to have someone walking through my programme with me with their expertise and insight too. It gave me the confidence to open up my signature programme and I got 5 sign ups! I never would have been confident enough to launch it had I not talked it through with Kate. 

I would absolutely recommend Kate and I already have a few times! If you're like me and would like to gain clarity and help with your business without judgement and pushy sales strategies then definitely book some time in with Kate. thanks for everything xx

Laura Bushnell.
Empowered Mums Club

As a new business owner and someone who never thought they’d be an entrepreneur, I have definitely had anxiety and fears related to my business. Her personal story really resonated with me.

Not only did I feel listened to, I felt understood by Kate. She heard what I was saying and was able to translate that into a deeper understanding of where those feelings are rooted. I felt so calm and centered.

I would absolutely recommend Kate - I appreciated her vibe, her understanding, and her empathy.

- Elizabeth A. Stein. Founder and Principal. Elizabeth Stein Consulting, LLC

Some people enter your life and completely change it for the better, for me one of those people was Kate Carter.


Kate was recommended to me by a friend and I chose to undertake a course of coaching with her because from our first meeting she completely understood the deep rooted anxiety, confusion and mental blocks that were preventing me from my dream of owning my own business.


Not only that but her regular coaching calls, online guidance videos and information sheets kept me on the track to success. 


Thank you, Kate, for all your hard work in supporting me to live my best life. I cannot recommend you enough!

Laura Simpson 
Woodland Witchery

About Kate

I’m Kate, an anxiety and wellbeing coach and a fully trained NLP practitioner.

I have a BA hons degree in Education and I have over 17 years of teaching and over 4 years of coaching and supporting individuals to heal anxiety, overwhelm and start creating their big dreams. 


I believe that you can do anything you want to in this life but that sometimes the path forward becomes muddy with self-doubt and fear of failure. It's my mission to help sensitive thought leaders peel away the self-doubt and stories holding them back, for them to see their own beauty and strength so they can increase self-confidence and self-trust through thought and embodiment work and see their path clearly and move forward confidently, living their life with intention and purpose.

Kate x

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